Speedhawk Diesel Tuning Box for Common Rail injection systems

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Tuning Technology  

Tuning box Speedhawk HPT pump metering (PD)

All-digital with the latest multi-mapping technology, the tuning box calibrates itself and stores the original data that are then converted in real time for the driving situation. Forget the obsolete technology that did function for models up to 2004; they did however often give unsatisfactory results on the power test stand.

The improvements on the engine versions 1.9 TDI 104 HP and 2.0 TDI 138 HP were hardly worth mentioning and regularly occurring faults were the result. You can forget all that with our new digital multi-mapping technology for TDI engines. Pure power for your pump metering injector engine!

Quality at wholesale prices

Unfortunately many customers fall into the trap of the well-known resistance-tuning for their pump-injector engines! An incredible power increase is promised that is most times only due to a corruption of the air temperature. Also known as 10-cent tuning! The digital tuning box offered here must be fitted to the round plug of the engine management system. The power supply is obtained directly from the battery. We, as direct manufacturer of tuning software and hardware, can nevertheless offer you this all-digital tuning box at an unbelievable wholesale price!

Digital and intelligent

The tuning box is specially programmed by our technicians for your vehicle. The box calibrates itself as soon as it is connected to your vehicle. Speedhawk HPT PD optimises the signals of the entire engine management. Maximum parameter values that are specified by the vehicle manufacturer cannot be exceeded. Our tuning boxes are, naturally, supplied as pure plug-in versions. You don’t have to solder anything or cut any wires. The cable harness is fitted with connectors in OEM quality. Take this unique opportunity and order today! You can also get an optional engine guarantee from us!

Speedhawk HPT PD

Speedhawk HPT PD

Speedhawk HPT PD