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Tuning box Speedhawk HPT VP37

Speedhawk HPT VP37 is fitted, in its revised version, with unique features that no OBD tuning or chip tuning can offer. Through years of experience, we have managed to incorporate the wishes of our customers.

Time and again, satisfied users have asked us whether it would be possible to operate the Speedhawk HPT VP37 tuning box from the driving cabin. Our response was to re-arrange our power electronics so that when the Speedhawk HPT VP37 tuning box is transferred to inside the driving cabin, it can be switched on and off, and controlled, while the vehicle is under way. This offers many benefits in various driving situations. You can call up or suppress the extra power at practically any time – a considerable advantage over chip or OBD tuning.

... In contrast to the conventional chip or OBD tuning, a chip is neither exchanged nor is new software loaded into the system – which saves you a lot of annoyance and problems. In today’s modern vehicles, the components in the engine controllers (ECU Bosch or Siemens) are almost always soldered. It is no longer here a question of simple EPROMS that are plugged in, but rather Plcc32 or Posp44 microchips that are soldered on using SMD techniques. The consequences for chip tuning are extensive soldering work that cannot be reversed without leaving traces. A modern controller such as EDC15 from Bosch costs about 1,200 euros as exchange unit. Installation oneself is not recommended and can only be done by experts. Similarly with modern OBD tuning via the OBD2 interface of your vehicle: this also can only be done by specialists and is traceable as the tuning exists permanently in the controller and cannot be reversed by the end user.

You do not have these problems with the Speedhawk HPT VP37 tuning box and you can decide yourself at any time when you want to use the tuning or when to install or remove it. All safety functions of the original software are retained. The controller retains its full diagnostic capability! already indicated in the previous point, the Speedhawk HPT VP37 tuning box is the optimum solution for drivers who are looking for a flexible power boosting method. In chip or OBD tuning, there is only a “yes” or “no”, a “minimum” or a “maximum” al" – with out tuning boxes, only YOU determine when the box is connected up and when it is activated and you wish to have the extra power – you are not dependent on experts or tuners.

Speedhawk HPT VP 37




Speedhawk HPT VP 37

Speedhawk HPT VP 37