Speedhawk Diesel Tuning Box for Common Rail injection systems

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Tuning box Speedhawk HPT VP44

Quick installation !

With a little technical knowledge, you yourself can quickly and simply fit Speedhawk HPT for VP44 and remove it again. Our installation service is naturally also available to you.

Digital Power !

Our tuning box for distributor pumps (VP44) works 100% digitally. Before shipping, the tuning box is programmed for your vehicle and, with that, tuned. The box that is sent out is a pure, plug-in system. No cables have to be cut or soldered. This tuning therefore leaves no trace!

Power adjustable !

You can adjust the performance to meet your individual needs. There are several digital programs in the VP44 Tuningbox – you can select these yourself. You make the fine-tuning of the box yourself by simply changing the jumper positions. Naturally, we supply an easy-to-understand guide with the box.

Pure plug-in version !

As a well-known engine-tuner, we provide you here with the Speedhawk HPT VP44 for all vehicles with distributor pump at the sensational wholesale price! Our tuning boxes are, naturally, supplied as pure plug-in versions. You don’t have to solder anything or cut any wires. Here, the vehicle-specific plugs supplied are always the original plugs of the particular vehicle manufacturer. Take this unique opportunity and order today! Engine guarantee available from us as an option!

Speedhawk HPT VP 44

Speedhawk HPT VP 44

Speedhawk HPT VP 44