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Tuning Technology  

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the Speedhawk tuning modules work?

Our tuning Modules work by intelligently changing the signal from the injection systems to the ECU depending on the loads and conditions of the engine at any point in time. This change of signal causes the ECU system to adjust various areas of the engine parameters to make it more efficient. This in turn improves the power, torque and fuel economy of the engine.

It is the accurate and superior tuning map settings that determine how much increase in power should be applied at any time, resulting in the most powerful yet smooth driving experience.

Which vehicles can be fitted out with the Speedhawk diesel tuning module?

We supply tuning boxes for most modern cars with either Common Rail or Pumpe Duse injection systems. To see if there is a Speedhawk tuning box available for your car, use our 'Find The tuning Box for My Vehicle' tool at the top of the page.

Can our tuning module damage my engine?

No, the tuning module cannot put the vehicle outside its manufacturers limitations govern by the ECU.

Does the vehicle have a shorter lifetime after modification?

No, Speedhawk tuning modules only cause the ECU to adjust the systems within the manuafactures known tolerances of the engine. If there is an existing fault within the engine at the time of installation, having the tuning box fitted may highlight it.

Can my car be put back to its original state after installation of Speedhawk tuning Module?

Yes, in the unlikely event you want to go back to the cars original state, you can remove our tuning module in a matter of minutes and the car is returned to standard. The Speedhawk tuning module for common rail diesel engines can be switched off using the supplied remote control, so no tuning is applied

Do Speedhawk tuning modules work in automatic vehicles too?

Yes, there is no difference in the tuning modules for manual or automatic gear boxes. Our tuning modules will be compatible with both. As long as your car appears on our search application, it can be tuned.

What affect do Speedhawk tuning modules have on fuel consumption?

As the tuning boxes increase the efficiency of the engine, you should see an improvement in fuel economy. However the amount of improved economy depends on many factors including the engine condition and the driving style of the driver. Typical improvements are 5-10% however we have had many achieve up to 20%.

Will a tuning module effect my engine warranty?

A tuning module may effect your engine warranty, we recommend that you remove the tuning module before any dealer servicing

Will a tuning module effect my vehicle insurance?

Please check with your provider.

Can I install the tuning module myself?

Yes. Speedhawk tuning modules were developed so that the installation is as easy as possible. Full installation instuctions are of course included. If you are in any doubt with the installation then please get in contact us.

How long does the installation take?

The Speedhawk tuning module is a plug and play tuning module supplied with OEM connectors which makes fitting very quick. The installation time is typically between 10-30 minutes.